How to create the perfect outdoor table setting

With the onset of spring, there's no better time to bring your dining experience outdoors. From blooming flowers to warmer weather, spring sets the perfect backdrop for alfresco gatherings with family and friends. 

Let’s explore some tips and tricks to create the prettiest outdoor table setting:


Carmen Tablecloth - Red and white


Setting the Stage

The key to crafting a perfect al fresco dining experience is thoughtful layering. Start with a solid base to set the mood, add a variety of functional and elegant pieces to fill up the space beautifully, and finish with eclectic accents to infuse a touch of playful charm.

Block Printed Tablecloths and napkins are perfect to set a colourful and elegant tone for your table setting. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these handcrafted textiles bring artistry and sophistication to any dining space. 

Our tablecloths offer remarkable versatility, providing you with the creative options to effortlessly mix and match patterns, create a monochromatic table setting, or introduce bold contrasts with solid napkins.


 Green Chintz Tablecloth


Choose the Right Tableware and Accessories

Create a cohesive dining experience with the right tableware and accessories. Opt for durable yet stylish dinnerware that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as melamine or bamboo plates and acrylic glasses.

Use ambient lighting to create a pleasant aura, as the sun sets. You can use string lights, small votives or candles around the centrepieces and large lanterns on the ground.


Green Palm Coastal Tablecloth


Add Final Touches

Incorporate seasonal elements like fresh citrus fruits, floral arrangements or colourful Easter eggs as playful accents. Even simple greenery picked from your garden can create effortlessly stunning centrepieces.


Green Chintz Round Tablecloth


Consider adding place cards or personalised napkin rings to make each guest feel special and welcome. Don't forget to provide cosy throws or blankets for cooler evenings, ensuring your guests stay comfortable long into the night.


 Palm Tree Blue - Round Tablecloth


As spring blooms into full swing, take advantage of the season's beauty by creating the perfect outdoor table setting for your next gathering.

With block-printed tablecloths and napkins as the perfect backdrop, you'll set the stage for memorable moments and cherished conversations surrounded by sights, sounds, and scents of spring. 


Carmen Round Tablecloth - Red And White


So gather your loved ones, enjoy the outdoor dining, and celebrate the season ahead in style. Cheers to springtime bliss!




Image Credits:

Carmen Tablecloth - Deborah @addictedtochina, Ritz Verma @decorbyseason

Green Chintz Tablecloth - Bonnie Chase @bonniechasedesigns

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