The Right Fit: Size Guide for Decor Mantra Tablecloths

 Size Description Table Size
70" Round Elevate your cozy gatherings with our round tablecloth, offering the perfect fit for intimate settings. Crafted to grace tables around 5ft. in diameter, it can accommodate 6 guests with ease.

90" Round

Set the perfect stage for memorable gatherings and special occasions with our large round tablecloth. Tailored for round tables up to 7ft. in diameter, comfortably seating 8 - 10 guests.

60" x 60" A perfect addition of color and patterns to small square tables seating 4 guests or as a chic accent atop round tables.
72" x 72" Crafted meticulously to add a touch of elegance to your bigger square tables, comfortably seating 6 - 8 guests.
60" x 90" Ideal for standard dining tables, This rectangle tablecloth size can easily accommodate up to 6 guests.
72" x 108"

We've got you covered for all your gatherings, whether in the kitchen, by the pool, or on the patio. This rectangular tablecloth is perfect for elevating your lovely gatherings, accommodating 8 - 10 guests with ease.

72" x 135"


Enjoy seamless style for your grand gatherings with our large tablecloth. Designed to comfortably accommodate 10 - 12 guests, this large rectangle tablecloth is the perfect solution to the hassle of piecing together multiple tablecloths.

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