Our Story

"Demand quality, not only in the products you buy, but in the lives of the people who made it." - Orsola de Castro

At Decor Mantra , our mantra is to celebrate handmade. We are a small family  owned business, creating and sourcing unique, handmade, ethical, natural, and sustainable home wares and accessories.

 We aim to combine contemporary designs with traditional crafts to create beautiful home and lifestyle products. With the purchase of our goods, we create opportunities for several independent artisans across India. We ensure a fair-paid and collaborative work environment for our makers to practice their craft, and keep their time honoured practices alive.

We also care about the environment as much as you do and try to source sustainable and eco friendly products . We firmly believe in the quote by Robert Swan :- "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it ".  And that is why we try to practice sustainability not just in our sourcing ,but packaging as well. We believe that sustainability is also about reducing waste and we aim at recycling and reusing most of the packaging sent to us by our artisan partners. 
  In a world of mass produced, machine made replicas, and fast fashion, we bring you an experience grounded in thoughtfulness and connection, and products that tell a story.  With your support, we can help the artisans build more dignified lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.  

 For any queries, feedback or customized orders, please get in touch with us on contact@thedecormantra.com. Or on our phone at - (302) 389-5157. We ship our products from Jacksonville, Florida. 

Thanks for your support.